I'm not saying that I've spent a lot of time recently on my couch, watching 90's sitcoms and laughing, but that's exactly what I've been doing.  Check out my top 5 list of stoners from 90's sitcoms.



The Code-man was unquestionably baked.  His Uncle Frank let him park his van in the driveway, and I guarantee that van smelled like weed all the time.  Cody was a loveable stoner, and even if he was always spaced out, he had the best of intentions.



You never saw Jazz without sunglasses and there's a reason why, Uncle Phil was a judge and Jazz ain't tryin to catch a case..  Whether he was getting thrown out of house, or marrying the prison inmate that was on Cops, Jazz was always doing things that would only make sense to a pot head.  Plus, the dude was from Compton.  It's safe to assume Jazz can roll blunts.




Now, I know Shawn never directly smoked weed on the show, but let's be honest, the kid was from a trailer park.   I've got a pretty strong stoner-radar and Shawn always set mine off.   Also worth noting is Boy Meets World's following the college aged  stoner society.  Actor Rider Strong was interviewed for Vanity Fair and was asked about why so many college kids are smoking dope and watching BMW,

A: Good question! I don’t know. I think, maybe, getting high gives you the proper amount of ironic distance to watch something made for, essentially, teenagers. So when you’re in college it was the cool way to sort of . . . I don’t know. But I’ve definitely heard that a bunch. A lot of people come up to me and say, “That’s how I got through college.” And I think it’s just because it’s a kids’ show but it also has some absurd elements. I mean, we would do a time-travel episode and weird shit. So maybe that’s it? I will bet you that people get high and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch.



Home Improvement dealt with real life issues, including having a pothead son.  In the classic episode, What A Drag, The Toolman and Jill find a bag of weed under the porch bench, only to find out that it belongs to Brad.  It's also reveled that Jill used to be a toker and she actually ended up in the hospital for smoking pot.  Shocking, I know.



For a bus driver, Otto sure does a lot of drugs.  It's never been a secret that he's constantly stoned, and it shows.  Otto not only loves metal, but he is constantly in a state of confusion.  According to his Wikipedia, Otto has smoked with Homer on 3 separate occasions, and was showing ripping a bong in the movie.  He's also shown a taste for drugs such as LSD, heroin, and he even tries to get a buzz off of a radioactive coil.