Flint is one of three Michigan cities that have accumulated so much snow this year that they're in the top 10 in the United States. Find out what spot we grabbed and just how much snow we've seen so far here.

We all know this winter has sucked a big one. Now, thanks to GoldenSnowGlobe.com we have the data to back that up. Every year, they hold the Golden Snow Globe competition and award the U.S. city with the most snowfall with... well, we don't know what they get other than a bunch of snow.

We've been hit with a ton of snow this year, but not nearly as much as some of our less fortunate neighbors. Look at Grand Rapids... They're almost 30 inches ahead of us! At least their city can afford to pay the salt trucks and plows to keep the roads clear though, which we can't say about ourselves or our friends in Detroit, who also made the list.

Here's the full breakdown of the top 10:

  1. Erie, Pennsylvania (107.5 in.)
  2. Buffalo, New York (94.4 in.)
  3. Grand Rapids, Michigan (92.2 in.)
  4. Syracuse, New York (81.0 in.)
  5. Rochester, New York (71.8 in.)
  6. Ann Arbor, Michigan (71.7 in.)
  7. Detroit, Michigan (70.8 in.)
  8. Toledo, Ohio (67.4 in.)
  9. Flint, Michigan (63.9 in.)
  10. Billings, Montana (63.6 in.)

Can it just be summer already? Honestly though, this is probably the best Top 10 list Flint has been on in a while. How sad is that?


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