A local resident was taken to a hospital after being assaulted with a baseball bat. What caused the skirmish? You guessed it; the man refused to purchase his attacker's drugs. What, that isn't what you guessed?

MLIVE reports that a Flint man was at his home on Branch Rd. enjoying a beer Sunday morning when he was approached by a stranger who asked him if he would like to purchase some crack. The man said no and explained that he didn't use or buy drugs. When he offered to buy the suspect a beer he became enraged and delivered a punch to the drug-free man's mouth. The assailant then began to go to work on him with a beaseball bat before some nearby citizens came by and stopped the attack. The victim was then taken to the hospital and is in serious condition.Looks like saying no to drugs can be just as dangerous as using them.

Do you think this is really a case of a crazy unprovoked druggie attacking an innocent bystander or a drug deal gone wrong?