A Flint man lies in critical condition after receiving multiple stab wounds from a man who may have lured him into a deadly trap.

This a a rather scary scenario, the type you see in movies about serial killers. Someone looking for love at the bar thinks they've found it, they head somewhere secluded and then someone ends up getting stabbed.

MLive reports that a man was picked up by another man behind The State Bar on Dort Highway at 5am on December 7th. The driver then took the other man back to his hotel room. Once inside, the driver claimed the passenger had been hitting on him, so he attempted kiss the man. That is when the passenger produced a sharp object and began stabbing the driver, before fleeing south on Dort Highway. The driver is currently in critical condition in Hurley Medical Center while the attacker remains at large.

Could it be that there is another serial killer on the loose in Flint or does this sound like a misunderstanding that got way out of hand?