Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are After the Minor, Before Color, Crackjaw and Cradle the Fall — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights at 10p to hear all this week's bands as well as the winner from the previous week. If you have a band and want to be in the Throwdown, link to the submission form at the bottom of the page or simply email your radio-edited (Seriously, that means NO EFFING F-Bombs!) track to with the subject line "Flint Town Throwdown."

  • After the Minor

    'You Can't Win 'em All' [audio:|titles=After the Minor - You Can't Win 'em All]

    After the Minor bring high energy metal to Flint by blending aggressively hardcore yet melodic keys, vocals, and harmonies. The name “After the Minor” was inspired by the everyday problems we all face and the willingness to buck up and deal with them. Their name is more than just that, but also helps tell the band’s story.

  • Before Color

    'Death Before Disco' [audio:|titles=Before Color - Death Before Disco (edit)]

    We are an Electronic/Rock band from Saginaw, MI. We play music to make you lose your mind!

  • Crackjaw

    'Let Me Panic' [audio:|titles=Crackjaw - Let Me Panic]

    Crackjaw has been slamming for about a decade and has released five records worldwide! They have also played over 1200 shows since 2004. So if you have not heard or seen them do it before they die! Their new EP 'Headhunters' is available now on iTunes.

  • Cradle the Fall

    'Going Steady' [audio:|titles=Cradle the Fall - Miles (edit)]

    Cradle the Fall is a five piece post-hardcore group that draws on a wide variety of influences. Cradle the Fall’s music and live performances are pulsing with energy. Cradle the Fall flows comfortably between poppy choruses and heavy breakdowns. Add a mixture of choir-boy voices with a wide range of screams, shrieks, and growls and you have a unique sound that the band members themselves prefer to call popcore. With each member having the capability to write music, lyrics, or melodies, it truly is a team effort and it shows in the bands chemistry. The members of Cradle the Fall are more than just band mates—they’re brothers.