Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are 5 from Nowhere, Darling Down, No Class Assassins and Society Kills — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights at 10p to hear all this week's bands as well as the winner from the previous week. If you have a band and want to be in the Throwdown, link to the submission form at the bottom of the page or simply email your radio-edited (Seriously, that means NO EFFING F-Bombs!) track to with the subject line "Flint Town Throwdown."

  • Five From Nowhere

    'Burden' [audio:|titles=Five from Nowehere - Burden]

    Five from Nowhere is a four piece band based out of Midland, MI. Although they do play some modern rock covers, they are fueled by our original material. Five from Nowhere take pride in our music and every show is a 100% energy filled, in your face performance. Their goal as a band is to try to make every show the best local rock show possible. Between covers and originals it is something that you should never miss out on.

  • Darling Down

    'Revenge Is Sweet Like Cherries' [audio:|titles=Darling Down - Revenge is Sweet Like Cherries]

    Female fronted rock band with soaring vocals, driving guitar, and a body moving rhythm section.

  • No Class Assassins

    'Cocaine' [audio:|titles=No Class Assassins - Cocaine]

    You could say No Class Assassins, who formed in 2009, are a Hardcore, Death Metal, Rock, Grind, Punk, Oldies, Blues band. They do not have one set style of music to be labeled by. They prefer to be classified somewhere in the "metal" genre, and consider themselves to be "SURVIVOR MEN".

  • Society Kills

    'Bound to Fall' [audio:|titles=Society Kills - Bound to Fall]

    Society Kills are a band built around our passion and love for music. They continue to push the boundaries of what they thought possible for a punk band from a small town. Over the years, their music has progressed into something fairly unique, blending all of their influences into a sound that is distinctly their own.