Though they're not on TV as much as when their album 'Wasting Light' was released a few months back, Foo Fighters invaded the small screen to jam their new single 'Walk' at the Twilight MTV Movie Awards last night. We have that video and the actual music video for the song right here.

The MTV Movie Awards are pretty painful to sit through these days, especially when every year you get further and further from the 'tween' demographic they aim for. I ended up watching the show for two reasons:

  1. Foo Fighters
  2. There was nothing else on last night (except 'The Killing' but I had to wait for my GF to watch that)

Aside from the Twilight flicks winning everything and MTV giving a lifetime achievement-style 'Generation Award' to a mediocre actress with one critically acclaimed role for the second year in a row, it wasn't the worst two hours of my life. This kick-ass performance from the Foo definitely helped lessen the suckery of the experience.

Foo Fighters have just released the song as their next single and it has been tearing it up in the Cockfight on Nights with Fantone. The video is inspired by the awesome 1993 Michael Douglas movie 'Falling Down'. Check it out.