Summer is almost here, and that means wedding season. Chances are, your significant other will drag you to at least one wedding this summer. Let’s be honest: Weddings can actually be really fun. Case in point: I was in a friend’s wedding last weekend, and not only did we get to ride around Lansing in a party bus for hours, but they had a crazy photo booth at the reception, amazing food and an open bar. Proof is in the photo, above.

So, what if you’re not on the guest list for a single wedding this summer, but still stuck on the idea of scoring a free meal (or bridesmaid) anyway? No worries-- we’ve got a few wedding crashing tips that will have you high-fiving the bride and groom before you know it. Check out some ideas, below, courtesy of Ask Men.

Say you're a friend of Bob's. If you don't feel comfortable picking a "side," then you can always tell them you're a friend of Bob's. Who's Bob? Who knows, but chances are with 200 to 400 guests in attendance, there's bound to be a Bob, Robert or Bobert on the premises.

Pretend to be a long-lost relative. Weddings are teeming with dozens of relations from all over the globe. From Aunt Gertrude from Glasgow to Great Uncle Terrence from Kalamazoo, the family tree is more than the happy couple -- or their parents -- can ever hope to keep track of…. Important phrases to remember are "Sorry we haven't kept in touch," "It's been far too long" and “second cousin thrice removed on your uncle’s side.”

Play the part of a staff member. Every wedding has a ton of people floating around that no one knows -- they're called the hired help -- and in most cases they don't even know one another. Simply arrive at the venue early enough to pick up a tray and blend in with the caterers. Not only have you just secured yourself a free invite, but you've also secured a plate full of delicious cocktail weenies. Find more tips, here.

Happy crashing!