Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett will be kicking off a new season of "That Metal Show" on VH1 Classic tonight.

Hammett is expected to talk about playing live with metal's "Big Four".  Kirk is the first and only member of Metallica to be on the show.  From what I read this appearance was a long time in the making.  The only reason Hammett agreed to be on the show was because guitarist Uli Jon Roth is also a guest.

According to show host Eddie Trunk:

"Kirk arrived to the taping and the first thing he did was go into Uli's dressing room with a guitar case, and close the door.  For 20 minutes, there was nothing. No cameras were permitted and Hammett did not emerge. "We thought, 'What's going on in there?'" Trunk recalled. "Then Kirk came out, shaking his head. Then he goes, 'Oh my God, Uli gave me a lesson. It was the coolest thing ever.' Here is one of the biggest metal musicians on planet, worshipping at the feet of the guitarist we brought in for him!"

Kirk also told Trunk he has never even watched "That Metal Show" because he does not own a TV.

The show airs tonight at 11pm.  Click here for a sneak peek of the episode.

You could watch Kirk and the rest of the guys in Metallica on stage live in Cali for "The Big Four" show.  We begin contesting Monday for that trip for two to the show!  Good luck!