As Korn gears up to head into uncharted territory with the release of their dubstep album 'The Path of Totality,' they've given fans a chance to hear another new track called 'Sanctuary' ahead of the December 6th release date.

Korn singer Jonathon Davis recently said that the new album is going to, "piss people off." Perhaps this was a wiser approach to an unusual project than Metallica took with their Lou Reed collaboration. Whereas Metallica sang praises of the collaboration that was ultimately disappointing to fans, Korn is making the effort to warn fans that this album will be different.

The mixture of dubstep and nu-metal (dubbed brostep by the online community) is a first for Korn -- an experience they found so creatively inspiring the disc was expanded from an EP to a full length. With the tracks 'Narcissistic Cannibal' and 'Get Up' already released to radio, Korn is tossing yet another sample of the disc our way with 'Sanctuary.' Check out the new track below and give it a rating using the 'Rate This' feature below the bottom left of the play window.