Yesterday marked year 13 of my families annual 'Easter Bonnet Contest'. Thirteen was not a lucky year for me, I did not win. First place wins $20 bucks and this years winner was my sister Kristen. If you think I am a sore loser, you are right!   I was not happy.

There are a few rules when it comes to the contest:

  1. You have to make the bonnet from things you already have. No buying! (I don't think everyone sticks to this rule)
  2. It must fit on a head and be able to be worn without holding it.
  3. My Step Dad Andy is the only judge, and he supplies the prize money.

The contest used to only consist of my sisters Tuesday & Kristen and myself.  But once the two of them had daughters they started making bonnets too.  These clown sisters of mine were trying to kill with cuteness when it came to little baby bonnets for their girls. SO NOT FAIR!  What is a baby going to do with twenty bucks?

I thought my 'Bad Ass Bonnet' was pretty cool.  Kid Bonnet bitches!  Pretty creative I think.   When I did not win yesterday, I said that was it for me and this contest.  Now that I have calmed down I will be back next year, so be ready sisters!  Year 14 is the year of Maggie's Bonnet!

Above are the bonnets from this year. If you want to see last years bonnets, click here.