I am not much in the kitchen. When I was a kid I was not allowed to use the stove. I don't mean when I was 6-years-old, I'm talking about a when I was a teenager. My dad would leave explicit instructions to NOT COOK ANYTHING. Since I was not allowed to cook, I started setting fire to paper towels, but that is a completely different story.

Nonetheless, once in a while I will attempt to make something for my boyfriend Tony. This past Sunday, I made meatloaf. I tried a small piece before Tony got home, it was decent. To my surprise, Tony ate the whole damn thing, so I figured it was really good. Well, it was until the next day. On Monday I sent Tony a text just to say 'Hello'. This was his response back to me,

The weird thing is, Tony said he would eat it again if I made it again. The chances of that are slim and none. Maybe I will attempt spaghetti next. The last time I made spaghetti it was for my dad. His comment was 'You could paper the walls with this shit.' How was I supposed to know you don't put tomato paste in spaghetti? Maybe he should have allowed me to cook after all?