Considering that the Lions are already the most baked team in the NFL, it's no surprise that Lion GM Martin Mayhew said the team would not shy away from drafting players with a history of marijuana use. Happy 4/20 Lions fan!

I get the argument that weed isn't a performance enhancing drug, so who cares if pro athletes smoke, but that's not the point.  I agree that marijuana should be legal, but if you signed a multimillion dollar contract, where it clearly states you can't use it, then you shouldn't be using it.  I would think anyone breaking the rules on that would be redflagged by any NFL team, but not so much with the Lions.


The Lions have already faced problems with pot this offseason, as Mikel Leshoure, Johnny Culbreath, and Nick Fairley have all been busted blowing trees.  And let's face the facts, Matt Staff always looks baked. Seriously, look at the dude.

Now Detroit GM, Martin Mayhew says the Lions aren't afraid to draft more stoners.  Potential Lions draftees include Janoris Jankins, Dre Kirpatrick, and Mike Adams all of who have an issue with marijuana use.  Mayhew thinks that marijuana use is less of an issue that it used to be, and each situation needs to be looked at, case-by-case.  Mayhew said of marijuana use,

The league has really changed over the years.  If you go back 10, 15 years ago, and a guy had a positive test, that was a big deal. That was something to be very concerned about. It still is, but not at the level it was years ago. There are certain things we want to hear from guys. There are certain things we don't want to hear from guys.


If you know me, you know I'm not anti-weed.  But if you're getting paid millions, and you can't stop smoking weed, are you really disciplined and dedicated enough to be a contributing factor on a championship team?