Mastodon has decided to stream 'The Hunter' ahead of it's September 27th release date. Not only can you hear the album in it's entirety, but you can watch the accompanying 'Visualizer' video here.

We've already brought you the three of the songs from Mastodon's forthcoming album ('Black Tongue', 'Curl of the Burl', and 'Spectrelight'), as well as the visual presentation elements created for each. Turns out those videos are all parts of a whole -- the band's newly unleashed 'The Hunter Visualizer' brings you the entire 53-minute journey through space and time.

'The Hunter' Tracklist

01. 'Black Tongue'
02. 'Curl of the Burl'
03. 'Blasteroid'
04. 'Stargasm'
05. 'Octopus Has No Friends'
06. 'All the Heavy Lifting'
07. 'The Hunter'
08. 'Dry Bone Valley'
09. 'Thickening'
10. 'Creature Lives'
11.  'Spectrelight'
12.  'Bedazzled Fingernails'
13.  'The Sparrow'

Check out Mastodon's brutally heavy riffs and screaming vocals set amongst the acid-soaked imagery of 'The Hunter Visualizer' below.