Considering you can't drive 2 miles in Michigan without seeing a McDonald's, it's good to know that the company is spending some of their money in the state.  Check out why Ronald McDonald is getting cozy with Governor Snyder, and they are both bragging about it. 

When you've served billions and billions like McDonald's has, you've gotta buy a lot of beef.  And milk, pork, blueberries, apples, corn and a ton of other food that Michigan produces.  McDonald's buys $237 million worth of Michigan product a year, and now they are making sure you know it.  The company is launching a "From Michigan, For Michigan" advertising campaign, highlighting the their impact on Michigan's agricultural sector.


Governor Rick Snyder fully supports McDonald's involvement in the state, and recently spoke about the company that employees almost 1,000,000 Michiganders.


It’s exciting to see Michigan products being used all over the United States. When you travel around the country and see someone with an Egg McMuffin, you can say, ‘hey, that’s Michigan,'


McDonald's buys over 77 Million dozen eggs from Michigan, along with 5.8 million gallons of milk, 8.1 million pounds of beef, 16 million pounds of corn, and 20 million pounds of apples.  Michigan farmers have faced a lot of challenges in the past 20 years, so it's good to see a company that is supporting our state's farmers.