Fast Food

McDonald’s Set To Drop Some Menu Items [VIDEO]
You may love McDonald's but the clown fronted fast food chain is actually "America's Least Favorite Fast Food Chain" according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Now McDonald's is looking to make some changes in 2015 and that includes dropping some menu ite…
Fast Food Ads Compared to Reality [VIDEO]
It's so frustrating when you order fast and instead of it looking nice and delicious like it does in the advertisement, it comes to you looking all beat up and nasty. It doesn't matter where you go, most of the time this is the case. Watch as this guy asks in the nicest way possible to hav…
5 West Coast Fast Food Chains Sarge Wants to Bring to Flint
Flint has a ton a great places to eat. But it seems like the same spots on every corner. It couldn't hurt to have even more variety.
Here are some places to eat that I loved back when I lived in California. Agree? Disagree? Let me know which fast food places you would want to see in Flint.
9 Patty T-Rex Burger is Definitely ‘Beefy’.
I've lived in quite a few places and sampled a lot of burgers and burger joints. The largest burger I had heard of was called the 4x4, available at California's famed In N' Out Burger. But it looks like Wendy's has just upped the ante.

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