He will pull your teeth and pull a fast one!

Dr. Richard Ludwig of Okemos, Michigan is accused of using a stolen credit card to charge $40 dollars worth of pizza in Florida.  Ludwig describes himself as a millionaire and had $250 in his wallet at the time.  WTF Doc?

There are conflicting stories as to where the not so good doctor found the credit card.  The Associated Press is reporting it was found in a parking lot.  The Daily Mail reports it was found on a restaurant floor. Regardless of where the card was found, this dentist is a dope!

It gets better.  Ludwig was in FL with his son for a baseball tournament. I don't think this clown will be "Dad Of The Year".  How embarrassing for his kid!

Dr. Richard Ludwig's office is in Haslett.  Is this how rich people get so rich, by not using any of their own money?  Open your mouth and your wallet!