Talk about an overreaction.  About 60 students from Kenowa Hills High School, in Grand Rapids, were suspended after riding their bikes to school as a senior prank.  The students even had enough foresight to get a police escort to ensure their safety.  However, the high school staff didn't find the prank safe or even funny for that matter.

The administration at the school said the the bike riding prank was not safe and caused a disruption in the school day and in traffic.  High school senior Sabrena Hall stated...

“We didn’t make it out to be a prank. It was more made out to be a celebration of our school and our pride for our school,” she said, adding that the students had banners and had been singing the school’s fight song during the ride. “We just wanted to basically have one last hurrah with our class and we thought a safe and respectable way would be to ride our bikes. So we got the police involved just to make sure we wouldn’t get in trouble.”

After seeing the outrage from students as well as parents, the school has revoked the punishments.  All the students will be able to walk at their graduation ceremony and make up their exams.  Check out the video from below.