The plot thickens in the never ending drama that is Michigan's medical marijuana laws. Today, state law makers passed four bills regarding medical pot, see what it means to you.

Just because a law is voter-approved, it doesn't mean there aren't other legal issues.  Earlier today, the Michigan House passed four bills regarding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which was approved by voters in 2008.


The bills will now head to the state senate and attempt to clarify and better identify both who, and why people are using medical weed.  One bill would require all medical marijuana cards to have a photo of the patient and another attempts to better define the doctor-patient relationship involved in medical marijuana. There is also a bill that would call for an independent doctors panel, to list what conditions should be treated with medical marijuana and what conditions should not.


It doesn't mean that medical marijuana is going away, but it might be harder for some people to get a prescription or their medication.  Supporters of the bills claim there are too many loopholes and abuse of the medical marijuana system.