The concept of a drug that gives you the same high as marijuana, while being legal and undetectable on drug tests seems like a dream come true.  Unfortunately, the reality of K2 is a nightmare.  Michigan lawmakers are now doing something about it, and are attempting to finally ban the drug for good.

Over the past few years, synthetic marijuana has become more and more popular, going by the name K2 or Spice.  The drug tries to deliver the same high as weed while still being legal and untraceable on drug tests,which actually sounds like a pretty good goal.  However, unlike natural marijuana, K2 is extremely dangerous.  Considering the lack of regulation of companies producing K2, you never know exactly what you're putting into your body and when it comes to chemicals, that can be a very dangerous thing to do.  There have has been a sharp rise in people seeking help for overdosing on K2, and there is even evidence of people dying due to use. K2 can produce severe anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate, hallucinations, and mood swings. K2 is not the same thing as Bath Salts, the drug responsible for the Miami Zombie incident, but is very similar in it's chemical make up and some laws applying to K2 would apply to bath salts as well.

The drug is particularly popular in teens and young adults, which has Michigan communities alarmed.  Certain drugs used in the production of K2 have been outlawed, but companies producing the drugs have tweaked their recipes or just blatantly ignored laws, keeping their product on shelves.

Michigan Lawmakers are meeting this week to stiffen existing laws and give communities more resources to fight the problem.  Officials are also looking to involve individuals and businesses, encouraging people to report sales of the drug and for businesses to use signs proclaiming they do not carry the product.  Lawmakers also want to increase fines and set more severe penalties for people using and distributing the drug.

Personally, when it comes to drugs, I think there should be less regulation and more personal responsibility, but I'm glad lawmakers are doing something in this case.  K2 is obviously dangerous and needs to be handled before it becomes a more serious issue.  But, if we had a little more honesty, education, and common sense in our drug policy, we probably wouldn't even need fake weed.

Source: Detroit Free Press