A Michigan inventor, fed up with kids being victimized by gun violence in schools, recently designed a simple, but effective new product called The Boot that some Michigan school districts are already installing because they say it could save lives.

Rob Couturier, the owner of The Lockdown Company, says his invention is gaining some serious momentum because The Boot is not some elaborate technological masterpiece, but rather a simple and inexpensive reinforcement mechanism that prevents a classroom door from opening.

Couturier told WZZM-13 that he had the idea for The Boot for sometime, but did not get serious about manufacturing a prototype until after the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary. "That little metal thing would've saved everyone's lives if it was there," he said.

The success of The Boot is already attracting the interest of schools from other states, which Couturier says will be good for the Michigan workforce. "My goal is to have about 250 jobs here in the state of Michigan. Manufacturing is going to stay here, everything is going to stay right here," he said.