For MSU football fans, this was a season to remember. Not only did the Spartans make it to the Rose Bowl’s centennial on New Year’s Day, 2014, but they took home the grand prize!

I  graduated from MSU and went back to campus to watch the game with one of my college friends. Granted, it was freezing outside and ironic to watch all the MSU fans out in sunny California watching the game, but that was just a small setback.

So many said it couldn’t be done…and they were wrong! The final score was Michigan State University 24, Stanford 20.

Check out some numbers from the game below.

Rose Bowl 100 Team Stat Comparison via ESPN:

1st Downs -- Standford: 11, MSU: 21

Total Yards -- Standford: 305, MSU: 397

Passing -- Standford: 143, MSU: 332

Rushing -- Standford: 162, MSU: 65

Penalties -- Standford: 8-55, MSU: 4-35

3rd Down Conversions -- Standford: 4-13, MSU: 3-11

4th Down Conversions -- Standford: 0-2, MSU: 0-0

Turnovers -- Standford: 1, MSU: 2

Possession -- Standford: 28:49, MSU: 31:11