Every fall, it becomes increasingly harder to escape the dreaded pumpkin. The new horror film 'Pumpkin Spice' asks what is, perhaps, the most terrifying question of all -- what if there were no escape?

I laughed my ass off at this because it reminded me of myself this time of year. If pumpkin spice is so great, they would find a way to have this s--- in your coffee, bread, pie, beer, sandwich, pizza, ice cream and whatever else they're making with that awful orange bastard of a vegetable year round.

Everyone gets their panties in a bunch if you dare speak a foul word about their precious pumpkin flavored garbage. It reminds me of whenever I try to talk s--- about 'Beetlejuice.' That movie was 100% unwatchable, but, for some reason that defies all logic and reason, people will try to fight you if you don't like it. Now that my thoughts on the topic out there -- I give you 'Pumpkin Spice' the movie.