The new trailer for 'Resident Evil 6' answers some of the questions raised by our first look at the game and reveals that yet another player from the franchise's past will be along for the ride.

After the innovative and incredibly fun fourth installment of 'Resident Evil,' there have been a series of missteps in the franchise. Most notably the polarizing 'Resident Evil 5'  -- widely panned because of the forced co-op gameplay and continuation of stand-still shooting -- and the recent release 'Operation Raccoon City' -- which has gotten mixed reviews due to it's glitchy gameplay. Enter 'Resident Evil 6.'

The next official installment in the beloved franchise has to repair the relationship with their disenfranchised fans -- it looks like they are trying very hard to do just that. The new clip reveals the unidentified character from the first trailer, who many believed was Hunk without the tactical mask, to be the son of the now-deceased series villain Albert Wesker.

Also making a return to the franchise is Ada Wong, who causes a fight between series protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the new trailer. With the exception of Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine, it looks like 'Resident Evil 6' will include all of the major characters from the series, instead of just one or two as past games have done. Will RE6 be the game that restores the franchise to it's former glory? We'll find out on October 2nd.

'Resident Evil 6' Captivate Trailer