Yesterday’s NFL meeting of the minds brought forth an elimination of one rule, the passing of another, and a change to one that hits all too close to home.

The first rule change was the elimination of the “Tuck rule”. This now means that if a QB loses possession while trying to bring the ball back to his body after choosing not to throw, it's a fumble. However, if the QB loses control while the ball is going forward, it's still an incomplete pass.

Next on the docket was a rule almost unanimously passed by NFL owners that bans players from leading with the crown of their helmets outside the tackle box. 31-1 was the tally on that vote.

Last on the agenda was a rule we reported on a month ago, a rule that Lions fans know all too well. It’s the statute that screwed them out of a Thanksgiving Day win. But thankfully, moving forward, that canon has changed. The way this will be handled now is, the play will still be reviewed no matter what. Also, any coach who illegally challenges a play would be charged a timeout, even if he wins the challenge, they can't get the timeout back, and if the team is out of timeouts, they are charged with a 15-yard penalty.