Are you tired of reading about Nickelback? Well apparently someone is because they invented 'Nickelblock,' a plugin for your internet browser that will shield all traces of the Canadian rockers from your sight.

It's amazing that one of the biggest bands in popular music can also be hated by so many. In just the last few months Nickelback was named the "Band Least Likely to Get You Laid" in a survey and was the target of an online petition urging to have them removed from the halftime show at the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers .  Despite the 55,000+ that joined the cause, the band played the halftime show to a mix of cheers and boos.

The latest in the anti-Nickelback news will actually prevent you from seeing any type of Nickelback news. It's called 'Nickelblock' and was created by AUX Labs for those who are tired of reading about the mainstream rockers on the interwebs. The developers describe the new tool very simply, stating:

"Once installed, NICKELBLOCK will eliminate all mention of Alberta’s finest swamp heshers from your web browser. That’s it. You’ll never read about Nickelback again."

You can get Nickelblock for free at the AUX Labs website, that is unless you are a fan of Nickelback -- in that case you can purchase their new album 'Here and Now' which is in stores now.