We've all made the late-night "Run for the Border," but this guy actually ran through the border with his truck after realizing he didn't receive everything he paid for. Now instead of thinking "outside the bun," his cellmates will be getting inside his.

According to The Smoking Gun, 23-year old Michael Smith visited the drive-thru window of Taco Bell in Huber Heights, Ohio for some "late night munchies" at about 12:15 AM. After paying, Smith realized that his order was short one 99-cent taco and responded in the logical fashion -- by driving his effing truck through the entrance of the fast food joint!

After fleeing the scene, police were able to trail Smith to his crib thanks to the fluid trail left behind by his slightly damaged pick up truck. He was promptly arrested and is currently sitting in the Montgomery County Jail - where he is likely tossing some "taco salad" of his own.