When Nashville hard rockers RED set out to record their third album, ‘Until We Have Faces,’ more than anything, they wanted the message behind the music to endure.

“A lot of kids are struggling to find themselves and what they’re supposed to do with this life,” guitarist Anthony Armstrong told Gibson. “They develop these worldly views and end up turning into a person they don’t want to be…It's something to inspire you to get out of that, and that’s what this record is all about.”

Musically, ‘Faces’ delivers fiercely emotional songs, packed with loud-soft dynamics, lurching riffs and pondering vocals. Themes are universal: hope, fear, loss.

At the core of RED’s music is a deep, honest faith. It’s no secret the guys are Christians, but they’re not going to shove it down fans’ throats. They’re also not going to lose sleep over anyone who rejects their music because of it.

“We’re trying to let people know that if you don’t like that we believe in God, we don’t care. At the same time, we’re not out there telling you what to do. We’re not those guys,” Armstrong said. “I think people see that we genuinely care about our fans, and we really put a lot into our music.”

RED premiered the music video for their new single, ‘Feed the Machine,’ on ARTISTdirect.com this week. Watch it, below!

The song’s ‘Machine,’ Armstrong explained, is a metaphor for the world.

“It’s more metaphoric, but the video is more literal. We actually use a machine and you see people being fed into it,” he told ARTISTdirect.com. “More or less, the song is a metaphor for what the world is—how we feed those ideals and all of the bad things and how they just keep happening because we continue to fuel the fire.”

See 'em live: RED perform at the Machine Shop in Flint, Mich., June 24, along with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Taddy Porter.

Watch RED's 'Feed the Machine' Video