I'm not going to lie, I get nervous standing to close to the edge-railing at the mall.  I can't even imagine walking 130 feet on a rope, almost 6,000 feet from the ground.  Dean Potter did just that, and he did it with no nets, parachutes, or safety lines.


I'm not kidding, just watching this video is kind of freaking me out.  Dude is literally teetering in between life and death.  Dean Potter is an American thrill seeker, and it gets no more thrilling than this.  Slackline walking is different then tightrope walking, in that slacklining is more dangerous, due to the give in the rope.  You'll notice the headphones Potter is wearing, and he claims to gain focus and perspective in music.  During this stunt, Potter was listening to "I Am The Highway" from Audioslave.