While finishing up the album within an album, 'Oceania', Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan gives a progress report as well as his advice fellow Second City rockers Madina Lake.

Billy Corgan and his new supporting cast in Smashing Pumpkins have been recording almost non-stop since 2009. It all started with the 44 song project 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope' that was intended to be released a song-at-a-time and all for free. Corgan followed through with that project through 12 songs and a year and a half before the idea expanded.

Now the single song release program is on hold until after the upcoming album within an album, 'Oceania', is completed and has run it's course. Corgan has been updating the progress of the record via Twitter and has said , "Record should be done-done-done in about 2 weeks," and recently added that there are only four songs left to mix before the album is complete.

The tentative tracklist for 'Oceania' is as follows:

  • "Pale Horse"
  • "Panopticon"
  • "The Chimera"
  • "Four Winds Chime"
  • "Glissandra"
  • "Inkless"
  • "My Love is Winter"
  • "The Celestials" (formerly titled "Special K" & "Helios")
  • "Pinwheels"
  • "Oceania"
  • "Violet Rays"
  • "Quasar/Stellar Polaris/The People Mover"
  • "Pretty Boy"

'Oceania' is expected to be digitally available in November 2011 and the band will begin a North American tour in October.

Corgan also helped Chicago band Madina Lake shape their latest record, 'WWIII', which is in stores today. The up-and-comers have an incredible comeback story -- their bassist was nearly beaten to death after attempting to rescue a woman being abused by her husband in the street. In the video below you get a behind the scenes look as Corgan offers them classic old-guy advice that starts with, "that's what your generation does."