Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently discussed a number of issues directly related to Flint, most notably their statistics indicating that it is again the most violent large city in America.

Flint was recently revealed as the likely candidate for "The Most Violent Large City in America" according to preliminary FBI statistics from the first half of 2012. In an interview with our sister station, 1470 WFNT, Governor Snyder offered his thoughts on the situation. "We're actually continuing to make progress. Things like this don't get resolved overnight."

Snyder further explained that more Michigan State Troopers will be graduating soon, some of which will be headed for Flint. The Governor concluded his thoughts on the issue by saying that there is more work to do and he is committed to working with the people of Flint to improve the safety of its citizens.

The Governor also spoke about building jobs in Flint, the city's Public Safety Admin. scandal and revamping Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system, the North American International Auto Show and expansion of the Education Achievement Authority.