If you had read the article I wrote last December titled Ten Terrible Movies Coming to Theaters in 2012, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Well, yeah we would. As I have made it my civic duty to warn the American people of such atrocities.

A movie called 'Step Up Revolution' (the unnecessary fourth installment in the franchise) hit theaters Friday and if you spend $12 to go see it -- I hate you. This turd follows in the footsteps of such modern American masterpieces (of s#!+) such as 'Save the Last Dance,' 'Bring it On' and, everybody's favorite 'You Got Served.' Seriously, who are these people that pay to watch a 90-minute music video with terrible music?

After already accepting that Hollywood would be releasing this pile in 3D, I had the misfortune of seeing one of its television spots. Turns out, this thing is worse than we ever imagined. The trailer takes on a serious tone, saying "it's time for protest art." After you clear the vomit from your mouth and shirt, you can send me a personal thank you for helping you avoid wasting precious hours of your life. If you are feeling especially grateful, I will gladly accept the money you would have spent on a ticket. Or, better yet, go see 'The Dark Knight Rises' again, that movie is kick ass!

Please, Make it Stop!