Michigan – you no longer have tacos!

Free tacos being given to anyone with a ticket stub proving they had been to a Michigan State University basketball game where the Spartans scored at least 70 points has been a long standing tradition for several Taco Bell locations in East Lansing.

However, all good things must come to an end, as corporate officials have officially pulled the plug on the promotion.

"The sponsorship agreement with them ran out," said MSU associate athletic director Paul Schager, "and they decided not to renew it, although it was a fan-favorite and something very positive and very popular. We did our best to convince them to continue the deal, but they opted out this year."

The infamous “free taco” promotion had been a part of MSU fanfare since 2004, and Schager says that store managers loved it because it generated a lot of business for them. In the end, he says, it was a corporate decision to opt out this year.

Now, when the Spartans score over 70 points, announcer Terry Braverman will have to come up with something different to say to fans other than, “You have tacos!”

Perhaps, MSU could continue the promotion with a seafood restaurant, so Braverman could scream something like, “You have crabs!”