Flint Man Shot In The Ass
Gun violence is no joke, but getting shot in the ass is pretty hilarious.  Check out the story of the ass with one too many holes.
Worst Walk Down The Aisle Ever
Some people would say that any walk down the aisle is a bad one.  Everybody would say that this one is an awful one.  Check out this chick wipe out and lose her dress in one of the most embarrassing entrances ever.
Sit Up Prank Results With Ass-Face
Okay the first thing I have to say about this video, is that it features shirtless young men, and I don't want you getting all weird about it.  Porn has naked dudes in it all the time, and you probably watch 17 on 1 gangbangs, so don't call me gay for posting it.  The second thin…
Playboy’s History of Butts [VIDEO]
I've always considered myself more of a boob guy, but a fine ass is pretty cool too. Here's A look back over the centuries at how men have celebrated the female butt in art, music and cinema. Where did this butt, ass, backside, and booty obsession come from? Let's have look!