Dude Trying To Look Cool Sets His Balls On Fire [VIDEO]
After coming back from a long weekend, sometimes it's tough to get back in the swing of things. You're timing is all off, it takes a couple minutes to remember what you have to do, and overall just feeling that the weekend wasn't long enough. Even with all of that, we can at least be …
Woman Allegedly Bites Boyfriend’s Balls Off [VIDEO]
As if having your balls bit off is not crazy enough - the victim still wants to be with the woman who did it! WTF? Martinne Patricia Delavega of North Carolina is being charged with 'malicious castration'. The victim was stitched up and he could have permanent damage. It gets better, the m…
Man Pranks Wife With Balls [VIDEO]
I have loved pranks since I was a kid. Somehow I talked my sisters into trashing our house and pretending to be kidnapped when we were kids. We hid and watched as my mom freaked out. Not my best work. Maybe I should have filled the house with balls like Roman Atwood did!
Girl Has Amazing Ball Handling Skills [VIDEO]
This chick has ball handling skills like nothing I have ever seen before. Is this considered a sport? Either way, it's amazing what you are about to watch here. I bet you'll never have to say "don't forget about the balls" to this chick.
How to Adjust Your Nuts in Public [VIDEO]
Sometimes having nuts can be a real pain, especially when you have an itch, your balls are sticking to your thigh or whatever the case. You can't just do the "pinch and roll" or "the dig deep scratch" in public. Here's some handy tips on how to adjust th…
Three Guys Steal Food From 15 Lions [VIDEO]
When you think of thrill seeking, you usually think of jumping out of an airplane, driving really fast or some sort of extreme sport.  These dudes take thrill seeking to another level, watch them steal a meal from 15 feeding lions.
Las Vegas Man Has Biggest Balls Of Them All
This is un-BALL-ievable!   Wesley Warren of Las Vegas, is pleading for funds so he can pay for surgery.  What kind of surgery you ask?  Warren needs to have a 100 pound growth removed from his scrotum.  The growth is so big, he has to wear a hoodie over his junk.  He puts his legs through the arms o…