Bloody Mary? Yes, Pig’s Blood? Not So Much [VIDEO]
I do enjoy a good Bloody Mary, pickles, olives, hot sauce - I love it all. A drink that eats like a meal is genius! I will try just about anything in a Bloody Mary, except actual blood! As part of a cocktail challenge, bartender Nandini Khaund whipped up a cocktail with pig's blood as an ingred…
Girl Painfully Fails at The Knife Song [VIDEO]
I guess if you're going to play the game, be ready for the consequences. I actually had a hard time watching this because you know the big miss is coming. You will also notice how she fails at administering first aid in a timely fashion.
First Footage Of White Blood Cells Hunting Cancer
Cancer sucks. And what sucks more is that it touches everyone. I'm sure everybody reading this has lost someone to it, and it's a terrifying thing to face. It's always good to see it getting it's ass kicked and there is now video of human white blood cells hunting down cancero…