Mark Cuban Fined $15,000 For F-Bomb, Quickly Doubles It [VIDEO]
Being a 'Shark Tank' nerd, I got a kick out of this. Mark Cuban was at a gaming convention over the weekend and was fined $15,000 for dropping the F dash dash dash word. When informed of the fine and that the money would go to charity, he responded the best way possible, that was with anot…
10 Shocking Facts About Charity [VIDEO]
Every time I donate money to a charity, I always wonder where my money goes and if it's actually being used for the research that it was intended for. Here's 10 facts about charity that will make you think twice about your donations.
Woman Stuck In Donation Box For Two Hours [VIDEO]
An Oklahoma woman had to call 911 after being stuck in a donation box for two hours. Apparently the woman wanted to give, just not the tennis bracelet she accidentally donated, so she went in to get it!  While the woman was stuck in the box, more donations were being thrown on her. Listen to th…
Beagle Paints For Charity [VIDEO]
Anyone  who has ever had a Beagle knows how special they are.  When I was a kid we had a Beagle named Robbie. I loved that dog!  MSNBC is reporting that a fellow Beagle lover has trained Beagles to paint.  The painting are then sold and all money collected goes to help other beag…

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