Woman Hangs Out Moving Vehicle, ‘Cuz Florida [VIDEO]
Whenever you run across a crazy story, you can almost guarantee that it's from Florida. We have no idea as to why this dumb chick is doing this, but she doesn't seem scared in the least. Just cruising along while her friend drives and shows her around town.
Crazy Dude Tows Friends And Causes Chaos [VIDEO]
This goes to show that everyone has that one ahole redneck friend. They can tow anything and are proud of it. Now, looking at the car, you can tell they didn't care about it and were just trying to beat the hell out of it. I would say that they accomplished their goal!
Conan Confronts Crazy Rhubarb Lady [VIDEO]
You know you are a viral video YouTube star when you get a guest appearance with Conan O'Brien.  Most people will run from this type of exposure if the have an embarrassing video circulating but not this lady.  This just proves that she doesn't give a F***!
Royal Bliss Official Video For ‘Crazy’
Royal Bliss definitely made an impact on Flint this past weekend. They stopped by the acoustic lounge at Dirt Fest before rocking the Deja Vu stage this past Saturday.  Today they released the video for "Crazy."  It's definitely a sweet video too, check it out after …
Crazy Ass Bike Messengers
A movie about bike messengers doesn't sound that exciting, but this trailer is bad ass!  It's filmed using a helmet camera, and features some insane dudes on bikes, dodging in and out of traffic, inches away from death.

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