Drunk Neighbor Gets The Hose NSFW [VIDEO]
Having to live next door to someone you do not get along with is hell. If you don't think you have a bad neighbor, than maybe YOU are it? I fortunately have never had to deal with a neighbor like the guy in this video.
Drunk Rich Punk, ‘My Dad Owns Half Of Manhattan [VIDEO]
This obnoxious rich kid doesn't like his super drunk friend being filmed. As this guy is trying to film the drunk idiot falling over, his friend tries to stop the guy with the camera. To top it all off, the drunk punk makes the awesome claims of "my dad owns half of Manhattan,"…
Drunk Guy Interviewed On News During Omaha Storms [VIDEO]
I am not sure if this guy said 'He will not be a vacuum or evacuated'? Watch as Tracy, who appears to have a good glow on, is interviewed by a local news channel in Omaha. The area has recently been hit by severe storms and it appears Tracy has decided to drink his way through the severe w…
Here’s The Reason Why You Get The Spins When Drunk [VIDEO]
I haven't had the spins in a very long time but when I do get them, it's a horrible feeling. I never really thought about why I got them aside from just being hammered. There's actually a little more to it than that. Here's the reason why and a few theories that could help get ri…

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