NASA Rocket Explodes During Launch [VIDEO]
A NASA rocket filled with supplies for the International Space Station exploded during it's launch Tuesday (10/28/14) evening. The rocket was unmanned but there was major damage to the launch facilities.
Potato Gun Explodes in Kids Face [VIDEO]
Not too much more I can add to this one. Pretty self explanatory here. A kid tried to make a potato gun. Aaaaaaaand...FAILED. To reiterate the words you'll hear someone say off camera "This is how stupidity really hurts people". Touché,good…
Awesome Drum Fire Explosion [VIDEO]
Let's just be honest, lighting stuff on fire is awesome.  That is of course until it explodes in your face.  Watch this moron try to light a barrel fire and end up with a face full of burning trash.
Everything Destroyed In Super Slow Motion HD
I can't tell if this a music video, or destruction porn, but either way it's effing awesome.  Watch waterbeds, bottles of coke, laundry lines, and a bunch of other crap get destroyed in a bunch of awesome ways.
Manhole Firecracker Explosion
I'm pretty sure Chinese sewers are filled with explosive gases, because that's the only reason and manhole cover would explode like this from a fire cracker Check out the video.

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