How Many Of These Fake Videos Did You Fall For [VIDEO]
This is actually pretty awesome. A company in Australia set out a few years ago to make some fake videos go viral. Looking back I can say that I fell for some of them along the way. This snowboarder and the great white videos were done really well. Did you fall for them?
Fake Panhandler Outed By Real U.S. Army Vet [VIDEO]
This guy had some serious balls. While at a busy intersection, this guy claimed to be an Army veteran. That's when real U.S. Army verteran Garrett Goodwin decided to step in. He followed the guy all over the street and made him take the uniform off. Needless to say, that guy was scared to death…
Fake Celebrity Fools Entire Mall
Considering you really don't have to do much to be a celebrity nowadays, I'm surprised I haven't seen something like this before. Watch an entire mall get tricked into thinking some random dude was famous.