Flint Fire Station Reopens [VIDEO]
Flint Fire Station #8 on Atherton Road recently reopened after receiving the ‘Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response’ grant, to hire additional staff and purchase equipment.
Flint Fire Station Broken Into
Nothing that happens in Flint surprises me anymore, but robbing a fire station has to be a new low for the criminals in this city.  Check out the details on the fire house break in.
Flint Firefighter Jobs Saved By Federal Grant
It wasn't too long ago that we reported on Flint raising taxes and laying off police and firefighters.  Luckily, those firefighters will be keeping their jobs, thanks to a $6.9 million dollar grant, which was finalized today by city officials.
Dearborn Mich Firefighters Barely Escape Roof Collapse
Man, talk about your close calls! These three brave firefighters were attempting to ventilate the roof on this building that had caught fire in Dearborn Michigan, when all of a sudden the roof started to collapse from right under their feet. Skyfox was overhead and caught all of the action.

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