10 Things You Should NEVER Google EVER! [VIDEO]
I'm sure we've all searched or at least heard about '2 Girls, One Cup'. If not, trust me, it's one of many things you should never watch on the internet. This seriously scarred me for a very long time. This video looks at that online disaster and nine others that you should …
If Google Was a Guy, This is How it Would Go Down [VIDEO]
Imagine if every time you had a stupid question that you wanted to ask Google and instead of going on line to get the answer, you had to go into an office and ask it to a guy. Well the folks over at College Humor put together a little scenario just like that called 'If Google Was a Guy'.
Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Is An Awesome Concept
Google's "Project Glass" is currently under development but when it's all said and done, you will be wearing glasses that will bring an augmented reality right in front of your face. I love hearing about cool new technology and this is gonna be sweet.
Can You ‘Unthink’ the Way You Feel About Social Media?
Watch out Facebook and Google+ -- there's a new kid in town that's going to make you think differently about social media -- actually they want you to 'unthink' social media. If you are tired of Facebook changing your newsfeed, moving your photos, keeping tabs on what you say and…

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