Halloween Pranks To Get You Through The Weekend [VIDEO]
We are into the think of things this Halloween season. Outside of the annoying clowns we always hear about, here a few ways to prank your friends this weekend. Don't be a clown because that's stupid at this point, however do what you need to do to scare your friends.
Flint Zombie Walk Returns On September 24th [VIDEO]
Halloween is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays throughout the year. It seems like every year there is something new to do and have fun with. Eight years ago, these organizers came up with a charity zombie walk to roll through Flint.
This Is How Deadpool Spent Halloween [VIDEO]
Deadpool is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the comic book world. Here we see him trying to recruit and put together a team. The interactions are awesome between him and the kids. The parents of the kids are definitely some of the coolest for letting them do this too.

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