Hockey Goalie Actually Scores A Goal During Game [VIDEO]
This definitely isn't the first time this has ever happened but it's cool to see anyway. It's not too often a goalie has the opportunity to score during a game. While the opposing team pulled their goalie to get a one man advantage to try and catch up, the other goalie saw his chance …
Overly Aggressive Hockey Player Checks Glass [VIDEO]
Hockey is one of the greatest games on the planet. Hockey players give it their all every game they go out and play. Tensions tend to get heated and sometimes the aggression takes over. This particular player went in for an aggressive check and wrecked himself into the boards.
Hockey Fan Fails At Throwing Huge Fish On The Ice [VIDEO]
Every sport has it's own weird traditions and fans. In hockey, fans are know for throwing things on the ice, like octopi being thrown on the ice at Red Wings games. During a UHN game with New Hampshire taking on Boston, this fan had a huge struggle to get a giant fish on the ice.

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