Michigan government has been pretty slow to allow the sale of alcohol at college & university sporting events in the state.

Many other states approved drink sales, during games, years ago.

Can you drink at college football, basketball and hockey games in Michigan?

Michigan's Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, signed the bill allowing alcohol sales at Michigan's 15 public universities into law last week. Theoretically, it goes into effect immediately, but only for some sporting events:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball

The Detroit Free Press reports alcohol can be sold from one hour before the game until the final buzzer.

To be fair, the sale of drinks, or not, has never meant people aren't drunk at a game. Tailgating is practically a sport in itself.

Each university will set rules for drinking during games.

Again, it's now legal to sell drinks on these campuses, but that doesn't mean drinking will commence with the fall football season.

Each campus will determine things like:

  • possible drink limits
  • pricing
  • sell mixed drinks or just beer and wine

Then, think about the systems needed and installations for beer taps, bartender training and maybe the biggest consideration of all... How do you effectively check IDs and keep a line moving?

You can almost bet the schools will have it hammered out before the fall football, basketball and hockey seasons gets under way. They stand to make a lot of money. Especially when you consider how much drinks cost at concerts and professional sporting events.

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Aside from the price of drinks, the only downside might be having to hit the bathroom more often and possibly miss the best play of the game.

Cheers to being able to cheers in our favorite stadiums soon.

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