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Casino Blunder Causes Two Men To Win A Million Dollars [FBHW]
Over the weekend, a Cincinnati casino accidentally awarded a $1 million prize to the wrong person.  Kevin Lewis was the lucky winner of the million dollar prize, but what the casino didn't anticipate is that there were two men named Kevin Lewis  who entered in the contest.  The Kevin Lewis that was there for the drawing was assumed to be the correct Kevin Lewis and awarded the prize.
Producer Joe’s Hobo Truth Brigade [FBHW]
Yesterday, we introduced you to Rudy, a panhandler who was lying bout being a homeless veteran.  Free Beer and Hot Wings sent Producer Joe down to the corner that Rudy was working on with a huge sign that said "LIAR ->"  Rudy was not amused.  Since Joe's stunt, Rudy has moved to a different corner and is hopefully getting little to no money now.  But, the story doesn't end there. Read
My Strange Addiction: Man In A Relationship With Inflatable Animals [FBHW]
My Strange Addiction is, well, a really strange show.  In a recent episode, Mark talks about his addiction to inflatable animals.  Yes, a grown ass man is addicted to inflatable animals.  He bathes them, takes them swimming, talks to them, and even plays music for them.  He claims that they all have different personalities, but he assures you that they all do get along with one another.
Producer Joe Goes To The Doctor [FBHW]
Producer Joe, being the nice young naive boy that he is, has been receiving prostate exams since he was 22-years-old.  This all seemed well and good until Joe was informed by his doctor uncle that a prostate exam isn't necessary until the ages of 40 or 50.  After that discovery, Producer Joe decided that it might be wise to find a new doctor with less of a carnal desire for butt play.  What Joe di
Anderson Cooper Barely Flinches At Rocket Explosion [FBHW]
Anderson Cooper is one of the most seasoned journalists on television when it comes to war zone reporting.  He has reported from Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Beirut, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a few.  The guy has dodged more bombs than a frat brother going through AA.  In a recent broadcast from Israel, Cooper barely flinched when a rocket exploded extremely close to his locati

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