The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2012
2012 was a great year for horror movies, so coming up with a list of the Best Horror Movies of 2012 wasn't all that challenging. (Or maybe that makes creating a list of the Best Horror Movies of 2012 that much more difficult?) In any event, we're proud to present to you what we think are t…
Who Is The Best Horror Movie Villain? Vote Now!!!
With Halloween right around the corner, we decided we want to know who your favorite horror movie bad guy is. Whether you're down with evil geniuses like Hannibal Lector or brutal slashers like Jason Voorhees, you can vote for your favorite killer here....
Creepy Girl in Hallway Prank [VIDEO]
Hidden cameras capture just how scared people are of a creepy little girl standing motionless in a dark hotel corridor. Regardless, that you can't understand what in the hell they are saying, this is pretty cool and funny.