Hot Banana Listener

Crystal – Hot Banana Listener
No matter who you are, if you listen to the Banana, we've got love for you.  But we have extra love for a certain type of listener, hot chicks.  Check out this weeks babe, Crystal.
Natalie – Hot Banana Listener
I'm not going to lie, I spend approximately 37% of my work day creeping on hot chicks that like the Banana on Facebook.  And I figure I should share fruits of my labor with you with the Hot Banana Listener.
Krystal – Hot Banana Listener
There are a lot of perks to working at the Banana.  Getting into the Machine Shop for free, getting paid to listen to music and constantly having Chris Monroe to make fun of all come to mind, but they all pale in comparison to getting to go through our Facebook and finding the hottest chicks Fl…
Larissa Ann – Hot Banana Listener
At first I was kind of worried that we would run out of Hot Banana Listeners, but honestly, the chicks that listen to us are sexy as hell! Peep the pics of the latest Banana Hottie, Larissa Ann.
Devin – Hot Banana Listener
Hot chicks are great, but local hot chicks are even better. Not that you have a chance with them, but at least you might be able to get turned down by one. Check out this Hot Banana Listener, Devin.
Sharon M. – Hot Banana Listener [PHOTOS]
Banana 101.5 listeners are a diverse group, coming in many shapes and sizes. Our favorite of those shapes and sizes is hot chick. Coming straight out of Lapeer, check out local hottie and Banana listener Sharon.