Janus Go for Deep Concept on ‘Nox Aeris’
Janus aren’t the kind of rock band that’s satisfied with writing songs about getting wasted and partying hard every night. Just look at the concept behind their last album, ‘Red Right Return.’ The set took inspiration from the 1920s Russian Constructionist art, while the titl…
Kitten Born With Two Faces [VIDEO]
A Florida couple were quite surprised when their cat gave birth to a two faced, four eyed, two mouthed kitten. What surprised me more than that, is the fact that people were and are telling the couple the little two faced kitten should be killed.
Janus – The Binge Before X-Mas
This past Friday night Janus took the stage for the Banana's annual Binge Before X-Mas. The band ripped through a badass set consisting of mainly new material. Here's some pics of Janus during their show.